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Swinging Sticks


Swinging Sticks

Swinging, flowing, noiselessly circling – never stopping. The swinging sticks seem to defy gravity, to turn logic on its head. How can they endlessly swing without ever pausing? How can the sticks circle so fluidly that they create a relaxing, and almost hypnotic effect?
The Swinging Sticks generate an illusion - almost like perpetual motion - as the sticks turn and turn noiselessly and, it would seem, in contradiction to the laws of physics.

An electrical engineer and a designer have spent several years working on this phenomenon. The Swinging Sticks are a high-qualityand handmade decorative object with sophisticated entertainment value. Individually hand-made in a precision process, each set of sticks is a unique item.

The Swinging Sticks appears in several films such as the Iron Man 2.

Please be informed that the next batch of Large Swinging Sticks is scheduled for March 2023. 

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Aluminium sticks and wooden base



Small: L: 26,5 cm x H: 42 cm x D: 9,5 cm
Large: L: 51 cm x H: 80: cm x D: 14.5 cm 



Small: 0,75 kg
Large: 3,2 kg


Swinging Sticks

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