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Driven by solar power, Amaoto recreates the sounds of a field rustling in the wind or rain falling gently on the water's surface and leaves.
Its flat tipped branches, shiny black arches, and circular black base certainly have the gift to hypnotize you!

'HAKU': bright cherry natural base with soft curves reminiscent of natural plants. It evokes the sparkling raindrops on leaves in the sunlight after the rain.
'KOKU': dark wenge serene base. It features a silhouette composed of straight lines and has an urban mechanical look. It evokes a gleaming feel of stones, roads, and houses after the rain.

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Koku: Ø 92 mm x H: 215 mm
Haku: Ø 102 mm x H: 205 mm



Stainless, brass and acrylic resin
Koku: Wenge wood
Haku: Cherry wood



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