Apesanteur II

13’500.00 CHF

Designer and Manufacturer:
Quentin Carnaille

‘Apesanteur 2’ (which can be translated as ‘Zero Gravity’ or ‘Weightlessness’) is a sculpture that flies, floats, levitates… like a star or planet. The levitating disk is made of thousands of tiny centennial mechanical watch components.

Teak wooden base, mechanical watch components, magnets. Run on electricity 220V (on demand only on 110V)

Teak base: 36.5 x 28 x 12 cm
Sculpture levitating on the base: 13 cm in diameter by 2 cm thick.

Limited edition of 48 pieces exclusively produced and sold for the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery

APESANTEUR / Quentin Carnaille from M.A.D.Gallery on Vimeo.