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Jan Borren


Wervelwind kinetic sculptures by Jan Borren are handcrafted escapement designs. The models are hypnotic and fascinating artefacts, inspired by the world of horology and mechanical art. With their unique look and mesmerizing movement, any Wervelwind model is a great addition to the enthusiast’s home or office.

Wervelwind has a power reserve of two hours and can be wound with a key.

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"My project on creating mechanical sculptures will be called Wervelwind. ‘The Tourbillon’ is the second model that I’ve made for Wervelwind. This specific model is an interpretation of the 18th century invention of Abraham Louis Breguet, to prevent time errors in pocket watches that were carried vertically. I will make a limited amount of 94 sculptures of ‘The Tourbillon’, all numbered and delivered with a certificate. After this, ‘The Tourbillon’ model will not be produced anymore.
With this project I hope to make you experience the magic of technical horology, like I did for the first time in Italy. By inspiring others with the movement of the sculptures, I intend to open a world beyond mechanical limits. Where time is limited, the construction of time is a never-ending story, written by movement".

Jan Borren, The Creator.



87 parts
Power reserve: approx. 2 hours
Included accessories: glass dome with base piece, box, gloves, winding key, certificate and user manual


Aluminium (base piece, pins)
Brass (gears, pins, key,etc)
Stainless steel (bridges, escapement, pinions, shafts, spacers, key)
Bronze (bushes)
Rubber (stop function)
Synthetic ruby (end stones)
Steel (screws & springs)
Bearings (finitions)


Diameter base piece: 154mm
Diameter balance wheel: 84mm
Height: approx. 60mm


Limited edition of 94 pieces, each individually numbered. 

Jan Borren


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Jan Borren

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