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Animaro by Matthew Gilbert


Animaro by Matthew Gilbert


Solstice is a kinetic clock created by the design studio Animaro. The studio was founded by Matt Gilbert and is based in East London. Solstice is a clock that turns the passing of time into a moving artwork: it gradually changes shape throughout the day, opening and closing like a flower.

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Solstice is a moving clock that changes shape throughout the day. When the sun is at its highest in the sky (midday) the clock is at its largest, while in the evening (6pm) it is at its smallest. The clock presents an abstract expression of time.

This video has been sped up to show 12 hours in one minute.

Matthew Gilbert trained as an architect in Copenhagen, where he began experimenting with deployable structures and furniture. Since then, he has developed and honed this interest, culminating in the launch of his kinetic furniture brand Animaro in 2016. His designs have been shown in numerous exhibitions and published in various magazines worldwide.

He is inspired by old mechanical devices and instruments; in particular the playful generosity with which they convey their workings to an onlooker. He seeks to draw on this playfulness by creating clocks that change in unexpected ways with the passing of time.

His work also plays with the idea of making visible, that which is not visible. What does time look like? What does gravity look like? These are a couple of the themes captured in his work to date. By visualising these constants in our lives, he seeks to encourage onlookers to appreciate the beauty of the world around them.




Aluminium, stainless steel and engineered walnut


Provided with an adaptor



Diameter: 61 cm when opened, 54 cm when closed
Depth from wall: 10.5 cm
Length: 47 cm
Width: 47 cm
Height: 14 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg

Animaro by Matthew Gilbert


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Animaro by Matthew Gilbert

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