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Ed Cano


Sandsara is a kinetic sculpture to meditate, stare at and be present; it gives you a relaxing state of mind.

Something about SANDSARA connects to a very primal and deep part of our brains. Maybe it's the perpetually changing patterns drawn in a bed of very fine sand; perhaps it's the surprising move of the sphere that appears to move by magic, or maybe it is knowing that every time you look at it, the pattern will be unique and soon will be gone forever.

Creating new paths for SANDSARA is incredibly simple. Not only will you be able to choose from over 100 patterns from our growing library, but building your own patterns is very easy, as it understands X and Y coordinates. 

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With SANDSARA, anyone can create new paterns very easily. Programs are simple .txt files with XY coordinates, SANDSARA handles all the complicated inverse kinematics math internally. For the Stelle, the software even handles the shape-avoidance, this means the exact same programs work in either the Halo or the Stelle. Programs can be created in any way you want from purely mathematical methods to manually describing trajectories point by point, Sandsara will also provide a handy POLAR or SVG to XY converter, so existing programs can be translated to SANDSARA. Programs can be loaded just as easily, using Sandsara iOS or Android app to send them via Bluetooth.

Every part of SANDSARA is exceptional, making it an outstanding product. A beautiful black walnut frame was designed to outline the sand patterns and gives a fine touch without stealing your attention. The 45° chamfer in the edges is a subtle detail that merges the wooden frame with the sand bed into one. SANDSARA is machined out of solid wood, and hand-finished with an ultra-thin layer of natural wax to protect it and make the wood grain pop. It is soft to the touch and has a sleek matte appearance.





Diameter: 33cm
Height: 8,4cm

Weight: 2,5kg



Base: Black walnut



2,5 kg

Ed Cano


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Ed Cano

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