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Adatte Design

Nixie Time Zone Clock V2

Created to display the time in five different time zones sequentially, the Nixie Time Zone V2 is a unique kinetic table clock that will make you travel around the globe. The time is displayed using genuine Nixie tubes made by hand in the 60s. These gas filled tubes have a lifespan of more than 20 years in standard operation and have become almost impossible to find today.

Invented and designed in Lausanne, Switzerland, this table clock is entirely Swiss Made by the same workshops that manufacture components for the best Swiss watch brands.

"Nixie Time Zone Clock V2" is limited to just 100 pieces.

Nixie Time Zone Clock default city names and languages can be customized upon quotation.

Lead time: 4 weeks

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Lead time : 12 weeks

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9‘550 CHF

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The Nixie Time Zone Clock V2 is made from the highest quality materials and machining technology. Practically every component is processed more than just once, in the same machine, to obtain an incredible level of detail. Many of the components are finished by hand like the brushed and polished finishings and the orange enameled engravings.

Most of the components are treated in PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) in three colors : light grey, dark grey and blue. PVD is a high-end coating used for luxury watch components, medical tools and aerospace technology. The body, which is milled from a solid aluminum cylinder, is anodized in a unique bronze grey color Adatte Design specially formulated just for the clock.




Limited edition of 100 pieces



6 vintage, rare and original Nixie tubes
Body milled from solid aluminium, anodized in a unique bronze grey color
Orange enameled engravings
Other components made from brass and steel, treated in 3 different PVD colors (light grey, dark grey and blue)



L:  330 mm x L:  80 mm x H:  80 mm



4,5 kg

Adatte Design

Nixie Time Zone Clock V2

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