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Gaby Wormann

Mechanical Creatures

MeCre (Mechanical Creatures) is a book illustrating Gaby Wormann’s work: a series of bionic insects that appears eerily real.

If the sight of a regular tarantula wolf spider isn’t arresting enough for you, then Wormann’s Lycosa tarantula – with mechanised body and mechanically enhanced legs – takes this arachnid to a whole new level of exoticism. Likewise, her Megasoma actaeon possesses impressive layers of mechanical gears endowing this large-winged rhinoceros beetle with even more three- dimensionality than Mother Nature provided, while Wormann’s Tropidacris dux is a Giant Brown Cricket with elegant, super-sized mainspring-enhanced antennae.

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Gaby Wormann

Mechanical Creatures

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Gaby Wormann

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