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Degrees of Freedom

Kinetic Chess Set

Degrees of Freedom

Kinetic Chess Set

The Kinetic Chess Set by Degrees of Freedom is a folding magnetic chess set inspired by origami engineering. With its elegant walnut playing surface, this chess set will provide an outstanding player experience thanks to its magnetic base and chess pieces.

This inaugural edition is limited to 10 pieces and individually laser-marked.


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4‘900 CHF

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Weighing in at almost eight pounds, the set carries a solid walnut playing surface in a precision-machined, black-anodized aluminium chassis. Four integrated panels are joined using brushed stainless steel hardware in an origami-inspired mechanism that can dynamically transition between storage, setup, and playing states. Self-centering on the playing surface and securely stored in trays, the custom magnetic chess pieces are CNC machined from solid blocks of Dymalux, a resin-infused birch laminate normally reserved for high-touch objects like knife handles, jewelry, and pistol grips. The force of their magnetic base is subtle, leaving play uninterrupted and feeling more like additional piece weighting. Thanks to the set’s single degree of freedom playing configuration, which is constrained by its planar resting surface, even with its cantilevered corners, it feels as solid and square as the surface below it.



Black-anodized aluminum chassis (CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy),
Brushed stainless steel links (CNC-machined 316 stainless steel),
Polished stainless steel fasteners (CNC-machined 316 and bearings (316 SS),
Resin-infused birch laminate chess pieces (CNC-machined Dymalux),
Laser-patterned black walnut playing surface (polyurethane finish).


Fully opened: 36 cm x 36 cm,
Fully closed: 36 cm x 19 cm.
Approx. 7kg.


Each of the 10 sets in this inaugural Limited Edition run is individually laser-marked with its piece number, run, iteration, and design version.
Set no. 2/10.

Degrees of Freedom

Kinetic Chess Set

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