Photograph "Lupton"

1’900.00 CHF

Ulysse Fréchelin

“American Trucks” is a series of beautifully captured images of trucks by Swiss photographer Ulysse Fréchelin.

In “American Trucks”, Fréchelin’s clever use of close-ups and camera angles means it is not always evident at first glance what the subjects of the images are: Lustrous exhaust stacks, imperious radiator grilles, curvaceous fenders and riveted hoods of the tractor units; smooth or rippled panels of their trailers; shiny hub caps and chunky bolts of the wheels… Fréchelin turns these truck details on their head and showcases them in a totally fresh light, lending them a new identity. The stunning result is a series of portraits not of trucks per se but of whatever the beholder imagines them to represent.

Shooting in intense heat over a fortnight at truck stops on the Arizona-New Mexico border, Fréchelin emphatically succeeds in capturing the imposing proportions, gleaming chrome and vibrant colours of these automotive behemoths – bold yellows, greens and reds – as well as the dazzling light and vast blue skies of their backdrop – the mythical American West.

Inkjet Pearlphoto RC Paper 255 GSM

66 x 100 cm

Limited edition of 8 luxurious prints.

Be aware that the production time is approx. 2 weeks

The photograph is not framed and sent in a tube.

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