Robotyp 6-2017

2’450.00 CHF

Hervé Stadelmann

"ROBOTYP" is a colourful collection of robot sculptures that merges Stadelmann's keen eye for graphic design with his professional tinsmith training.
Each composition is unique and comprises a complex architecture of handcrafted bends and folds of metal exuding a distinctive origami vibe. Assembling one sculpture resulting in a robot with an average height of 70 cm and width of 40 cm requires 2m2 
of sheet metal and 80 hours of painstaking work.

The metal sheets are often discovered on Stadelmann's countless journeys to flea markets or may even be found discarded or in the streets. He often repurposes materials from tea boxes, cookie tins, branded service trays, and traffic signs in metals ranging from copper and stainless steel to tin, aluminium, and zinc.

70 x 40 cm on average

Each robot is an individually numbered piece unique

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