MusicMachine 3

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Designer and Manufacturer:
MB&F / Reuge

Performance Art Piece between Reuge and MB&F.

MusicMachine 3’s design comes directly from the Imperial fleet's TIE fighter of Star Wars movie. These lattice-like vertical wings support and protect the dual music cylinders, each playing three melodies: the theme tunes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond on the right and The Godfather, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders on the left. The music is powered by two independent movements mounted on the two tail sections.  The side wings play a vital role in propagating sound vibrations down from the combs to the naturally amplifying resonant base, manufactured by JMC Lutherie.

MM3 may appear to come from a galaxy far away in the future; however, its origins are much older and much closer to home. MusicMachine 3 features all of the traditional elements of a beautifully arranged, high-end mechanical music box. This should come as no surprise as it was developed and crafted according to MB&F's design by Reuge, the Swiss music box manufacturer with 150 years of expertise and experience.

Main body: aluminium with lacquer finish

Matte sections: protective varnishing

Gloss sections: White UV-resistant lacquer; black lacquer or ‘chrome’ anodised finish depending on version

Resonant amplifying base by JMC Lutherie: 350-year-old resonance spruce with 21st century composite materials like NomexTM honeycomb Kevlar.

Right cylinder: Star Wars’ by John Williams; ‘James Bond’ by Monty Norman; ‘Mission Impossible’ by T Lalo Schifrin

Left cylinder: ‘The Godfather'  theme by Nono Rota; ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’  by Ryuichi Sakamoto; ‘The Persuaders’ main title by John Barry

Size with soundboard base:
40 x 34 x 28 cm

Limited edition of 99 pieces: 33 pieces with white finish; 33 pieces with black finish; and 33 pieces with ‘chrome’ finish


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