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The Astrograph limited edition is available in three finishes:

-       High gloss rhodium finish, available as a fountain pen

-       Sandblasted matt rhodium finish, available as a fountain pen or roller pen

-       Ruthenium anthracite finish, available as a fountain pen

In homage to the 99 new components specially developed for the Astrograph limited edition, 99 fountain pens and roller pens are numbered: "1 in 99 pieces".

Fountain pen
This writing instrument is fitted with an ink pump, but may also be used with cartridges.
The pen nib is made from rhodium-plated 18-carat gold, available in size M.
Other nib sizes are available upon request.

Roller pen
This writing instrument is fitted with a Caran d’Ache roller pen cartridge.

Pen body
The rocket-shaped pen body is rhodium-plated and either highly polished or sandblasted matt, or plated in ruthenium anthracite. The chequered pattern is made from anthracite lacquer.

Connected to the base of the "engine", the ring is decorated with the logos of Caran d’Ache, of MB&F and of Swiss Made.

The base of the "engine" is plated with ruthenium. The stabiliser legs, the joints and miniature ladder are polished, sandblasted, satin-finished and rhodium-plated. The sides and edges are highly polished.

Generic numbering: "1 in 99 pieces" is engraved on one of the spacecraft's stabiliser legs.

Magnetic miniature figurine, silver and rhodium-plated, that can be attached at will to the body of the writing instrument.

"Launch pad" box
Design inspired by a spacecraft launch pad. Circular shape, the box is fitted with three articulated legs which allows the writing instrument to be kept inside or displayed outside, held in the middle in a vertical position.